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Today’s Cricket Match Live Streaming – April 19, 2014 

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians (14:30 local | 10:30 GMT | 16: IST)

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi Daredevils (18:30 local | 14:30 GMT | 20:00 IST)

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Cricket Live Streaming

Though cricket is the second most popular game, it is not played in all the countries of the world. If you happen to live in one of those countries that do not play this game or where this game is not quite as popular as other games, you may find it difficult to watch this game on TV since the cable companies usually devote their channels to sports that are popular. But with the advances in the speed of internet connections through DSL and cable connections, it is possible to get a high speed internet connection with broadband capabilities. Broadband allows you to be able to stream video on your computer. There are many sites now on the internet who have taken advantage of this ability of video streaming and have found a niche for themselves by supplying coverage of various live events that are not covered by cable companies in some parts of the world. Cricket live streaming is one such niche.

If you are one of those people who live in a country where the game of cricket is not popular and your cable company does not have a channel devoted to this game. It is now possible to watch the game of live cricket streaming on your computer. Most of the services and sites on the internet require you to register with their service before you can watch any cricket streaming. They usually have different packages that you can buy to be able to see that game live. You can buy per game so that you can just watch that match that you are interested in or you could buy one of their packages which allow you to subscribe to their service. These packages usually are for 30 days, three months, six months and yearly, though some services also allow you to subscribe to a life membership whereby you pay one set fee and can then watch live cricket streaming on their site as long as the site remains operational.

Watch online Cricket Live Streaming

The quality of video and audio supplied by these services usually depend on your broadband connection. Most of the sites that let you watch cricket live streaming have a test video available, whereby you can check out the quality of video and sound before you subscribe to their service. Most of the companies do not offer to refund your money if the game gets cancelled due to weather or some unforeseen circumstances, though for packages of six months or more some companies are willing to give you a refund if you are not happy with their service.So if your cable provider does not give you the option of watching cricket, you need not lose heart, sign up with one of these internet services and you can watch your favorite team